Equine Reiki: Sam & Kez


Last weekend I had the opportunity to catch up with Sam and Kez and their owner Jackie for a morning of reiki healing.

Although I’m aware of their medical history I wasn’t aware of their personal histories so much. Reiki healing and working with healing energies in the aura of another living being allows more than just healing to channel.

Sam – a chirpy character with a sad past.

Sam has a history of ringbone and sweet itch bless him. He’s also a bit of a fidget!  However, he did allow me to connect with him and let me channel healing on his sore sweet-itch ravaged areas and generally on his chakras.

Whilst I was working on him a number of images came to me. These centered around Sam trotting very fast on lanes, being whipped and pulling a cart of sorts.  His feet hurt, his legs hurt.  There was lush green countryside around and more than once the feeling of being struck with a stick.   Jackie confirmed to me after that he had been rescued from Ireland where he had been broken to a harness and was basically trotted everywhere and abused if he didn’t.  It’s terribly upsetting to feel  this but it does empower me to do all I can to make him feel less sore. He knows he is safe and much-loved with Jackie but he did share that he didn’t like the taste of his medicine and would like molasses!  Sam certainly has a sense of humour.  I thanked him for letting me work with him and left him with his haynet.

Kez is a stunner, there’s no other word for it but he also has a lovely friendly temperament.  This was his second treatment and he was watching closely while I treated Sam across the yard.  Kez was certainly suspicious of the camera or even camera shy so he didn’t relax into the treatment as fully as he had previously.

Kes has issues with severe arthritis in his knees, hocks and pasterns. Knowing what I was here for he decided to have a say in where I would be working and although happy for me to connect and work through his chakras he made it clear it was his off  side that was in most pain. Bearing in mind he’d come straight out of his stable and not had time to loosen up in the field he was a total angel.

I spent a lot of time channelling healing into his off side hock and pastern/fetlock areas but he didn’t want the same on his near side.  Additionally he wanted specific time on his knees, which I was more than happy to oblige.  Despite having a photographer on the yard he relaxed and, as the photos show, exhibited some classic behaviour of horses receiving Reiki; tongue lolling, ears relaxed, eyes sleepy, droopy bottom lip and mouthing.

I did miss seeing most of this as I busy feeling the response from his body to the energy.  Afterwards I thanked him for allowing me to work on him and was rewarded with a massive hug.  Jackie asked for help in turning the boys out and remarked herself how loose he was walking considering he would normally have been very stiff from the stable.  In fact he was walking out like a racehorse and I had trouble keeping up at time!

A big thank you to Jackie for allowing me to work with her boys – until the next time, and equally big ‘thank yous’ to Sam and Kez for teaching me further.  Thank you also to Jo at White Pepper Designs for the wonderful photos.

Kez exhibiting a classic Reiki response (in horses!)
Kez enjoying healing on his knees
Sam allowing me to connect.

UPDATE!  Having spoken with Jackie last night she confirmed that Sam has been scratching a lot less than normal and is more at ease.  Kez is definitely feeling less stiff so I’ll be seeing them soon on my next trip over the border!

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