Lava Shell Massage

Lava-Shell-Massage-450x328 full body, back, heat, tropical coconut oil

Lava Shells are eco-friendly, self heating tropical shells that glide smoothly over the body providing a seamless massage of heat and touch with deeper tissue massage where needed. Coconut Oil is used for an utterly luxurious experience.

The shells deeply warm and soothe the muscles, easing tension and reducing aches and pains. Forget the hot stone massage, these portable shells come from the south-pacific and are powered by lava gel; ­ a mixture of minerals, algae and dead sea kelp which, when mixed with sea water, generates its own heat via an eco-thermic reaction. The warmth of the shells combined with deeply relaxing massage techniques creates a sense of balance to the entire body and mind. Perfect for everyday stresses and strains to deeper knots and sports related issues.

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