Workshop: Crystal Magick For Beginners


Crystal Magick for Beginners offers a unique insight into the world of crystals.  This hands on, one-day workshops shares my obsession with crystals and their healing energies.   The workshop includes: –
* How to use a pendulum to dowse
* Choose, charge and programme crystals
* Getting in tune – guided meditation
* How to heal yourself with selected crystals
* What are Chakras?
* Balancing your Chakras with crystals 
* Lots more besides!

This workshop costs £75 and includes a free Crystal Pendulum.  Refreshments are also included plus a 10% discount card for Earth and Heaven Crystals, Bideford.


If the current workshops are full I can arrange additional dates or private workshops (min 4, max 10) to suit. Just contact me to arrange!

Copyright: SaltwaterGaia2018

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