Degree Course: Reiki One

IMG_9410USUI Reiki is the traditional and purest form of Reiki. It works with healing energies in the 4th dimension.  During this course you will be attuned to receive and channel Reiki energy healing to benefit yourself, your family, pets, close friends and even the plants in your garden!

The course covers: –
• The origins of USUI Reiki and how it works
• The 5 principles of Reiki
• Affirmations, ethics and precepts
• How to sense, feel and see energy
• How energy heals people, pets and plants
• How intention is integrated into Reiki
• How to protect yourself from unwanted energies
• Scanning and sensing energy blockages
• Hand positions for treatment of self, family and friends
• Lots of practise!
• Gassho Meditation
• How to use reiki energy to energise, charge and infuse items
• The first degree attunements
• Your Reiki lineage
• First Degree Reiki Manual.

The cost of this accredited course is £125.


If the current workshops are full I can arrange additional dates or private workshops (min 2, max 6) to suit. Just contact me to arrange!

Copyright: SaltwaterGaia2018

reiki-one-workshop.jpgHAPPY CUSTOMERS

‘Really interesting; it came naturally to me. I loved learning to scan and the full treatment procedure. Especially being the client!’

‘The handbook was really useful also lots of practical experience and getting to swop partners.’

‘Amazing! An emotional and spiritual experience which was incredibly intense and empowering – in a really positive way!’

‘An inspiring and life-changing experience. Didn’t want the day to end.

‘Emms was wonderful as always – a true professional.’

‘Emms was brilliant, felt very at ease.’

‘Thank you so much, I look forward to Level 2.’

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