Reiki One Degree Course Reviews

“Amazing! An emotional and spiritual experience which was incredibly intense and empowering in a really positive way!  An inspiring and life-changing experience – I didn’t want the day to end.”
Sarah Hill

“I found the course amazing! I did not want it to end; so relaxing and peaceful.  Thank you so much, I look forward to Level 2”
Alice Malpass

“I had no idea what to expect, however I found it exactly what I was looking for.  The course book is great to take home.”

Nicola Clements

“Particularly enjoyed learning the scanning. Thanks Emms, great day.” 

Carl Williamson

“It was very interesting as a person who enjoys science.  It was great fun and I met some people who I would like to keep in touch with.”

Catherine Clawley

“Really interesting, it came much more naturally to me than Crystal Healing. Really enjoyed today, thank you.”

Amy Hill

“Particularly enjoyed the handbook, the practical experience and getting to swop partners.”

Katie Hill

“Emms was wonderful as always – a true professional”

Sarah Hill


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