With a little help from my friends …

I am so grateful to have the support of two stunningly talented and beautiful women, Jo Bellinger and Carolyn Seager.  We recently collaborated on an exciting new SaltwaterGaia project (more about that later) and this stunning new Facebook banner was created.

It was such a fun morning bursting with laughter, creativity and crystals.  We kept our energy up with the ubiquitous coffee and biscuits and beautiful new friendships were formed.


Jo,  a very dear friend, is responsible for the SaltwaterGaia branding, website design, newsletter and my general marketing feel.  Jo runs a fabulous little company called White Pepper Designs in Crantock.  Working from home allows her to work with clients all over the world and also allows me to escape ‘over the border’ to beautiful Kernow.  Jo takes the time to get to know what makes you tick then brings personal elements of you into her work, like my fluke tattoo incorporated into the SaltwaterGaia logo.

Carolyn is a super-talented photographer who I have the pleasure of calling a good friend. Carolyn is also writer with a deep love of the ocean and our Atlantic coastlines.  Her website, Carolyn J Seager showcases her view of the world and her organic link with Mother Nature.  We are lucky to live close enough to share waves through our love of surfing.  Carolyn has a unique ability to make you feel comfortable in your own skin, so you rock your inner Goddess in front of the camera.

Special thanks must also go to another beautiful friend Karen, a fellow mermaid, for helping too.  We could not have done this without her.  You can see why we all gravitated together!

If you have need of Jo’s or Carolyn’s talents then do click the relevant links provided and contact these lovely ladies!


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