USUI Reiki Okuden (Level II Practitioner)

USUI Reiki is the traditional and purest form of Reiki. It works with healing energies in the 4th dimension. Training is conducted in a safe and friendly space with a beautiful energy.

Please note that this is a TWO DAY course.

During this hands-on course you will be attuned to receive and channel Reiki energy healing to benefit yourself, your family and clients. This level will increase your vibration leading to Practitioner Level, whilst enhancing both your personal and spiritual development.

The course will cover: –
• Okuden Attunement
• Revisit Gassho and Reiji Ho
• Three Sacred Symbols
• Setting up your Reiki Practice
• Programming Crystals with Reiki Symbols
• The Reiki Box & Distance Healing
• Lots of practise
• Certificates will only be awarded after successful completion of the required Case Studies
• Second Degree Reiki Manual & Certificate of Accreditation.

Investment: £240
There are a very limited number of places and you can secure yours by contacting me and paying a non-refundable £50.00 deposit. The balance of £190.00 must be paid before the day.  Refreshments are provided and the cost includes a charged and Reikied Crystal.

This course is only available to those who have achieved USUI Reiki Shoden (Level 1).
Those who have trained USUI Reiki Shoden (First Degree) with me are eligible for a £20 discount.  If you haven’t trained USUI Reiki Shoden with me I will need to see your certificate, lineage and manual before you sign up.

For more information or to book, contact me here.

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