Violet Flame Healing Practitioner

As I said, it’s been a busy year for training and self development to not only enhance the energy healing I can offer clients, but also for myself.

The powerful alchemical energy of The Violet Flame is the seventh ray of Universal Light.  This beautiful energy is used to effect transformation of negative into positive on all levels.

The Violet Flame is unique and links to the Comte de Saint-Germain, and 18th century German Count who is credited with achieving the goal of alchemist. Alchemy is an occult scene of transformation and transmutation of the spirit and precious metals through possession of the Philosopher’s Stone.

St Germain taught that man has all the potential of the universe within him (or her!) and that he/she must strive to free the binds of matter in order to open communication with the Should of the Universe.  St Germain is a great example of what we refer to a ‘lightworker’ today.

The violet flame is a healing modality to which the practitioner is attuned (as with Reiki). This high-frequency light is a missing key to vitality, health and inner wholeness. It transforms and enriches relationships and frees the unlimited power held within you.

Personally I have been using this alongside Reiki with fantastic results for the clients and myself!






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