moon magick bannerMoon Magick is a new monthly Reiki & Crystal Healing Circle in Braunton, focused around a Full or New Moon so this beautiful pure energy can be included in our healing work.

This is a wonderful opportunity to give and receive Reiki or Crystal Healing and you will be able to share your experiences in a supportive, safe and nurturing environment. For newly attuned Shoden practitioners this is perfect to practise.

Moon Magick is open to any attuned Reiki Healer (Shoden upwards) or any Crystal Healer who has had some formal hands-on training (Crystal Magick onwards if my students). All USUI lineages are welcome.

Each month will include: –
A short opening crystal meditation
Healing circle where everyone will give & receive
A chance to share/support each other
Focussed Healing

Copyright (c) SaltwaterGaia, 2019


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