One on One Reiki Training

The past few months has enabled me to diversify a little here at SaltwaterGaia, allowing me to keep up with the needs of clients, students and potential students.

So I’m now offering 1:1 training at both Usui Shoden (Level 1), Usui Okuden (Level 2 Practitioner) levels. Also available are my Reiki Shoden and (coming soon) Reiki Okuden Refresh workshops.

For the 1:1 training I’m trying to keep costs low, so for an introductory time these will be just 20% on top of the cost of a group course/workshop.

I am still running groups where requested, never more than 4 at a time. However if you have a learning partner in mind I can also run a group session of 2 here at SaltwaterGaia HQ. Either way these are the perfect options for those who would rather not wait for a new course. Training can be arranged on mutually suitable dates too, not just on the weekend.

Coming next year will be Usui Reiki Shinpiden 1 (Master Practitioner) for those Practitioners wishing to extend their learning and healing to include the Master Symbol and all that entails.

Don’t forget that training can also be arranged nearer to you if North Devon is too far. Simply contact me for more details

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