Philip Permutt’s Devon Crystal Workshops with SaltwaterGaia

imageSaltwaterGaia is honoured to be working with Philip Permutt, The Crystal Healer, and in conjunction with the wonderful Wishes Devon Team on this fabulous weekend of Devon Crystal Workshops! Accommodation (room only) is also available at Wishes in their stunning eco-friendly lodges in March 2019.

This fabulous weekend of learning and discovery will be Philip’s first foray into our beautiful shire and we can’t wait to welcome him!

There are four fabulous workshops to choose from and Philip is offering discounts for those wishing to book more than one. To do so, ensure you have registered on his site before you check out!  To book and for further information simply click the links below.


EB0116QLEM5C-650x650Saturday 16th March / 10.00-13.00

According to legend, the Lemurian civilisation, which pre-dates Atlantis by 100,000 years, was about to end in catastrophe. Priests had foreseen this and programmed quartz crystals with the knowledge of their society, sealing them in caves so they would be protected until the time was “right” for them to be discovered. In recent years Lemurian quartz crystals have been rediscovered in Brazil, Columbia and Russia.


You will meet Columbian Lemurian Blades of Light, Blue Mist Lemurian crystals, Brazilian Lemurian crystals, Golden Lemurian crystals and Pink Lemurian crystals as well as some of Philip’s personal stunning and powerful collection of Lemurian crystals.

You’ll also learn amazing ancient and modern techniques to help you tap into these crystals’ inner wisdom and add extra power to any type of healing, whether yourself for self-healing or working with clients.

£45.00 includes tea/coffee


15582475926d44cSaturday 16th March / 14.30-17.30

Find out why you react in certain ways, uncover your energy weaknesses and release powerful strengths that you can use to maximise your natural talents and abilities.

Working with crystals to energise and activate your energy hot spots, your chakras – you will unearth a whole new re-energised you! Specially chosen crystals and colour vibrations will help to focus and enhance your personal understanding of the Chakra System and your own healing.


We’ll investigate the health of each of your chakras and discover how to balance each chakra for a healthy life.

Delve into the science behind the chakras and how the the chakra system is a perfect example of some of the principles of quantum physics.

£45.00 includes tea/coffee & complimentary set of chakra crystals.


s-l1600Sunday 17th March / 10.00-13.00

In The Crystal Tarot, the mysterious imagery of tarot and the beauty and power of crystals intertwine to give unique insights into our lives. Join Philip, the creator of this beautiful deck, as he guides you through the enhanced meanings of the crystal and tarot images and teaches you to enhance your intuition.


£49.99 includes tea/coffee and your complimentary deck of The Crystal Tarot!


divination_tools2Sunday 17th March / 14.30-17.30

Learn from Philip as you work with crystals; exploring the language of the Stone People.

Learn to listen to and talk to crystals and interpret them for crystal readings, divination and healing. Learn to do your own crystal readings! You will be amazed how easy it is with a little guidance from Crystal author, teacher and healer Philip Permutt.

£45.00 includes tea/coffee and complimentary set of divination crystals.


There are two eco-cabins on site, made from environmentally conscious materials. Each cabin offers a natural feel with a slight Moroccan twist with stunning views across the Exe Valley. Please note that in keeping with the eco-theme there is no electricity in the cabins. Candles and extra blankets are provided.

The Double Cabin:
A double bed with ample space for two people, including a cute veranda with small table and 2 chairs for the ideal morning coffee relax. Cost is £55 per night, for a minimum of 2 nights. £10 surcharge for single night booking.

The Multi Cabin:
A wonderfully spacious, 5x5m cabin hosting 4 single beds. Two room dividing screens are provided for a changing space or added privacy at night if desired. Cost is £75 per night, for a minimum of 2 nights (full cabin). £5 surcharge per bed booked for single night booking. Alternatively you can book on a bed-only basis: £20 per bed per night for 2 nights or £25 per bed for a single night booking

The toilet and shower block is a short walk away from the cabins.

To book accommodation please contact Dominic or Sandy at Wisheson 01392 241 444 or email

Please note that Wishes CANNOT take bookings for the Workshops. Should you have any queries regarding these or booking please contact Emma on 07930 410302.