Price List


All energy healing sessions are 75 minutes. For first appointments please allow 90 minutes.

Crystal Healing Therapy £45.00

Intuitive USUI Reiki £45.00

USUI Crystal Reiki £45.00


All massage appointments are 60 minutes unless stated. For a first appointment allow an additional 15 minutes. Massage therapies are subject to contraindications, please note that I’m not qualified or insured for pregnancy or cancer treatment massage. All massages are extended half body.

Lava Shell Bliss £45.00

Crystal Massage £45.00 (75 mins)

Aromatherapy Massage £45.00

Indian Head Massage £40.00 (50 min)

CBD Holistic Massage £45.00 (please check to confirm availability)


Resting Witch Face £40.00 Express (60 mins)

Resting Witch Face £60.00 Deluxe (90 mins)

Energy MOT £50.00 (75 mins)

The Detox £50.00 (75 mins)

SaltwaterGaia Crystals £75.00 (120 mins)


Absent or Distant Healing can be sent anywhere in the world, because energy has no barriers. Absent Healing session are 45 mins including feedback via Messager/WhatsApp

Intuitive Reiki £35.00

Crystal Reiki £35.00

Violet Flame £35.00


6 month Tarot/Crystal £30.00

12 month Tarot/Crystal £45.00

Crystal Reading* £30.00 (includes Chakra Realignment)


I use a combination of intuitive USUI Reiki, Crystal Healing and animal communication. Please note that if your animal clearly needs treatment from a vet, the owner must obtain this first and also seek approval from the vet prior to healing. 

Equine Reiki £50.00 initial appointment then £45 thereafter (same animal)

Animal Reiki £45.00 initial appointment, then £40 thereafter (same animal)

Horse & Rider £85.00 – Reiki session for you and one for your horse.
Duration varies. Includes 20 miles return mileage


Although I work predominantly from my ‘Healing Space’ at home I do work on location. A 15 mile return mileage allowance is included for these appointments. My rate after that is 0.45 per mile return (rounded down) and will be added to your final charge.