A weekend of crystals and an Advanced Practitioner qualification!

They say that when the student is ready the teacher will appear and I couldn’t have had a better teacher!  I feel so honoured and grateful for the opportunity to learn from Philip Permutt himself.

This weekend I had a rare trip out of the Shire on an adventure that cemented further my love of crystals and obsession with the mysteries and magick of Crystal Healing.

Guess which one is now mine 🙂

A group of 9 of us were sharing the journey. All wonderful, supportive women with a passion for crystals and healing and a thirst for learning. Despite my being a little starstruck (!) to begin with I was was warmly welcomed by Philip.  His shop is incredible; filled to the brim with with crystals the size of your little finger nail to the height of your knee, a crystal nirvana if you will.  Two days of intensive immersion into crystals ensued, even homework, but I’ve loved every single minute of it!  To live and breathe crystals for a whole weekend, learn new techniques, revisit old ones and work on some self-healing has been incredible!

I’ve never doubted the healing power and magickal pull of crystals since I bought my first rose quartz as a child.  Needless to say a few new beauties found their way home with me to be shared, along with all I’ve learned this weekend, to help current and future clients.

IMG_9876I’m thrilled to be the only Advanced Crystal Healing Practitioner in Devon and Cornwall, taught by Philip Permutt and to be able to share everything I’ve learned this weekend and in the last 6 years of working with crystals as a Crystal Healer.

I’m still buzzing from the course as I write this, a couple of days after returning home.  I feel centred and refreshed with a renewed motivation that SaltwaterGaia will always have crystals at the heart of everything.  Well they say you never forget your first love!

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