Equine & Animal Healing

20171008_094720 bwEQUINE REIKI

This gentle and non-intrusive, holistic therapy can benefit horses physically, emotionally and mentally.  Horses are particularly sensitive and quickly pick up on the healing a practitioner offers through hands-on/off means.

On a physical level Reiki has the potential to complement prescribed medication and help reduce all kinds of pain and helping to speed up the body’s natural healing process, which can be useful following an accident or recovery from surgery.

Horses can suffer from stress, fears, anxiety and depression just as humans do. On psychological and emotional levels Reiki can help instil calm, letting go of tension or anxiety, reducing the feelings of stress and help to overcome such distressing conditions.

Horses will only take as much healing energy as they need and they will move away from the energy once they have received enough.

Initial consultation/treatment is £45 and will take around an hour and a half.  Follow up treatments (same animal) will be £40 each and last around an hour.  Mileage of 20 miles (40 return) is included.  Please note that you will be required to notify your Vet of a Reiki treatment as a courtesy.

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All animals, domestic or wild are intuitive to reiki healing whatever their size. Reiki can help speed up the healing process post veterinary treatment with no negative side effects.

Animals are far more sensitive than us humans so they are able to feel Reiki energy instantly thanks to their acute senses.  On their first experience of the energy some animals are a little reticent or startled as feel the new sensation of the energy.  However, once they have been allowed to feel and adjust to it they become relaxed and will settle happily into the session, with many falling asleep.

Animals as with equines will be aware when they have received enough healing energy and will not accept any more than they need. They will move away from the energy to finish the session.

As with horses, Reiki can benefit all animals and especially in the case of rescued/rehomed animals or those that have separation issues.  Reiki is suitable for end of life to calm and prepare for the next journey.Reiki helps to strengthen the bond between animal and human.

Initial consultation and treatment is £40.00 and can last up to an hour and a half.  After that, follow up treatments are £35.00 for an hour. These prices include 20 miles travel (40 return).


“I just want to say a massive thanku to you Emma for making my dog feel wonderful..he’s had a good sleep as he was so relaxed..and now he’s playing and grinning away..you did a fantastic job Emma and I will be asking you to do your reiki on him every month xx thanku xxx”

Louise Anabella Harding

“Fantastic! Emms really has a gift or magical touch, or something! My mare has cancer and has frequent pain and discomfort. But she immediately relaxed in her presence, in fact she was snoring. Very beneficial and I’ve already booked her again, as have other owners on the yard.”

Emma Appleton