Reiki Shoden Refresher Course

70179015_757416434693174_3284310565823971328_nI’m often asked if people can attend a reiki course as a refresher. The answer is yes, of course. However. once you have received your Shoden initiation you have ‘Reiki for life’ so it’s not really a cost effective option. Often people have done their Okuden (Level 2) too soon without having chance to just practise and learning to control the flow of Reiki energy as Usui intended.  

I thought a refresher workshop would benefit practice as well as the purse rather than redoing the whole course! Here we will revisit the 5 precepts, the 3 pillars, self-reiki and hand placements on others.

This Reiki Shoden Refresh Workshop is perfect if:-
* you haven’t practised for a while and want to bring Reiki back into your life
* you wish to prepare yourself for Okuden Level
* you wish to heal and have support getting started
* you’re a ‘little rusty’ in self-reiki
* you wish to get more practice working on others
* you wish to connect with other like minded people sharing this beautiful healing
* you want to boost your confidence before joining Moon Magick or another sharing circle.

Benefits of this workshop: –
1. You re-discover and deepen your personal connection to reiki and the Five Precepts
2. You have the ability to start a fresh 21-day detox
3. You will boost your confidence with both self-reiki and reiki on others with plenty of practise time.

Workshop includes handouts and refreshments. Cost is £40.00 per person, payable up front at time of booking. This includes a £15.00 non-refundable/non-refundable deposit.

Full details can be found by clicking HERE.

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