Goddess Magick LogoI’m so excited to launch my newest workshop; over a year in the making as I’d started it, put it down and then changed direction totally!  But I’m thrilled with the results and hope you will love it as much as I do!

Discover and unleash your unique and powerful Goddess Magick with this fun blended workshop by SaltwaterGaia. Featuring a fusion of crystals, essential oils, spells and more while you connect with Goddess energies through guided crystal meditation to empower and heal.

The Goddess in our psyche is a healer, wise woman., mother and Queen. We are all our own Goddess but we also have the proclivity of linking with various Goddess energies to channel their unique wisdom and healing to support us when we need. Since Pagan times the Goddess is shown as the Maiden, Mother or Crone, and we take on traits from each, guided by the Moon, as it journeys each month.

In the safe circle provided we will be:-
* Learning about the history and folklore of specific Goddess and connecting with them through a guided crystal meditation
* Exploring creative ideas for your own Goddess Altar
* Working with essential oils sacred to The Goddess’ abd using this knowledge and our intuition to blend your own anointing oil
* Connecting with our Goddess Crystal and weaving a spell to imbue this take-home crystal with specific Goddess Energy

Workshop cost is £45.00. Coffee and cake provided.
You will take home your a Goddess Crystal, Goddess Anointing Oil and Workshop Notes.


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