Manifestation Magick

This course came about in a similar way to Pendulum Magick, I was basically ‘badgered’ to write it by existing clients!  There are so many beautiful images of ‘crystal grids’ out there but to be honest, most are simply aesthetically pleasing crystal sculptures. There is nothing wrong with that but real crystal grids are so much more!

Crystal grids are psychologically empowering but you have to tell the universe what you want or desire. If you don’t how can it help you?!

You will be building your own personal crystal grid, activating it to connect with each of the crystals and creating the signs and pathways for the energy to flow along. Finally supercharging your crystal grid.

At the end of the workshop you will be able to:-
* Understand how a crystal grid works and its basic structure
* Enhance your grids by using sacred geometry
* Understand how crystal grids create energy field
* Give your crystal grid focus through intention and meditation
* Build a crystal grid to manifest a desired outcome
* Empower your crystal grid through activation for manifestation magick!

This practical, fun and organic mini- workshop will be held in a relaxed and safe environment. It is aimed at novices with ideally some experience of crystals and using a pendulum. Do see my other workshops, Crystal Magick and Pendulum Magick for basic to intermediate training.

Places are limited. The cost of the workshop is £30 per person which includes refreshments (home made cake) and a worksheet to take home.

For more information and to book your place, please contact me here.

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