The Detox

x354-q80Detoxing is something we all do, especially after over indulging.  It is also a vital part of the healing process for mind, body and spirit.

This unique treatment is three-fold; firstly you will receive a crystal reading, secondly you will help to choose the crystals used for your detox layout. Thirdly, after your detox healing you will receive a crystal cord cutting to remove any energetic cords that are no longer serving you.  In its entirety, the treatment is very powerful so expect to experience a strong emotional release before you step out much lighter and brighter into a positive new you.

Your body naturally releases toxin, pollutants and other substances and, as you natural relaxation response kicks in, tension will flow away.  The knock on effect of this is that many physical conditions and ailments will ease or disappear completely. These can include chronic pain, digestive issues and other physical conditions, ailments, illnesses and diseases. In addition you may find that your skin condition improves and eyes will be brighter and clearer.  As a whole you will feel lighter, brighter and more confident. 

Certain crystals hold powerful detox capabilities which can work on stress and supporting the blood/circulatory, lymphatic and digestive systems.  Additionally they can help with mental and spiritual toxins, allergens and addictions.  Removing stress from the body, howsoever caused, helps to keep it healthy!

Energetic cords are links to a person or situation or time that has energy connected to it that doesn’t serve your highest good. We aren’t cutting emotional ties but simply releasing energy ties so that you can move forward without these cords holding you back.

The treatment is 75 minutes and will cost £45. I’m offering 10 of these for just £35, to be take at my home in Braunton.  

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