Crystal Cubs; empowering kids through crystals

IMG_4575I’m again, really excited to have launched my new workshop, Crystal Cubs.

Children are inextricably drawn to crystals and their natural affinity allows them to intuitively connect with the right crystals for them.

This new and unique workshop allows children to form an understanding of the energy of crystals in a fun, safe way with plenty of hands-on activities for all to enjoy! Parents and guardians will also learn which crystals can help with sleep, nightmares, tests, tummy aches etc!
The workshop will include:-
* learning where crystals come from and how they are formed
* feeling crystal energies
* how to choose crystals and care for them
* a basic crystal healing layout to try at home.

To enhance the experience by empowering and support continued development, Crystal Cubs will also take home : –
* a healing crystal of their choice
* a crystal Christmas tree decoration
* a special ‘anti-monster’ / ‘anti-fear’ vibrational sleep spray
* certificate of attendance.

Crystal Cubs is open to children aged 5-12 years. Refreshments are provided. Crystals for the course are provided and many can be purchased afterwards.

The cost for this workshop is £40 for one child and accompanying parent (or guardian over 18). Extra child is £25. No more than two children per parent/guardian.

To book or for more information please contact me here.

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