SaltwaterGaia Healing Pendants

At Christmas I was struggling to choose gifts for friends and family.  Home made gifts are always more personal with the love and intention you pass on with them; they seemed the perfect idea.


With that in mind, my friends and family members received blended essential oils and/or hand wire-wrapped crystals, intuitively chosen for them for their healing properties and infused with Reiki healing energies.

Several clients have had bespoke pendulums made with either crystals they have chosen themselves or that I have intuitively selected for them.  Each pendant is lovingly wire-wrapped by hand, by myself and the pendant is then cleansed, charged and programmed for the individual recipient before being infused with Reiki healing.  Chains aren’t included but each finished pendant is presented in it’s own gift bag.


Such pendants are perfect to allow the healing energies of that crystal to meld with you aura and energy centres. This allows your body, mind, emotions and spirit to begin to heal itself.

One pendant was a gift for a client’s grand-daughter as she suffered from nightmares. The perfect choice was White Howlite (left) which is hung on the headboard and no nightmares have since ensued.

IMG_1721Another client was due to travel and had need of the gentle female energies of Moonstone (left). Moonstone is also an excellent crystal for those who are travelling over water!

I’m currently taking commissions and, as an Advanced Crystal Healing Practitioner and Reiki Master, i can advise on the best crystal for you.  Prices start at £10.00.

Message me or call on 07930 410302 to discuss your specific requirements.









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